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Gas Tube Radiant Heater

Radiant heat from Gas Tube Radiant Heater warms people, the floor and machinery, not empty space!

• Easy to install
• Allows easy removal, relocation or modification should requirements change
• Quiet and clean
• Low maintenance
• Automatic safeguard system

U = “U” Section S = Straight Section
* Please specify Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

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Model No Length Input Weight Part No.
GTU3 3 metres 53MJ/hr 34kg
GTS6 6 metres 53MJ/hr 36kg 0318 3784
GTU4.5 4.5 metres 79MJ/hr 43kg
GTS9 9 metres 79MJ/hr 45kg 0318 3767
GTU6 6 metres 106MJ/hr 52kg
GTS12 12 metres 106MJ/hr 55kg 0318 3750
GTU7.5 7.5 metres 127MJ/hr 63kg
GTS15 15 metres 127MJ/hr 63kg

U=U Section; S=Straight Section; Please specify Natural Gas (NG) or LPG

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